Why was this change made?

Award Windows & Doors has been a part of the Gienow family since 1999.  By formally combining our efforts, we are able to provide a wider product offering to both Award and Gienow customers.  Our manufacturing processes have been streamlined, resulting in a higher quality product delivered with short, consistent lead times.

How does this affect my warranty?

All existing Award Windows warranties have been transferred and the terms and conditions of the industry leading Award Windows warranty will be honored.

What is different from a “Gienow” Window and an “Award” Window?

The products are both manufactured through the same high production facility processes, utilizing the same equipment, materials and quality checks.  All sealed units are exactly the same specification and provider to ensure consistent quality for additions and replacements as necessary.  In addition, outside supply vendors are the exact same to ensure consistent delivery of product and warranty.

I started my renovation with Award Windows, would I be able to complete it with Gienow Renovations?

The staff, processes, warranties and all facets of the Supply & Install program are a seamless transition to Gienow Renovations.  The strengths that were developed under the Award Windows & Doors division are the core fundamentals of Gienow Renovations.  The leadership, sales consultants and installation crews are the same, with the same focus on customer satisfaction and customer referrals.

As a dealer, renovator, contractor would I be receiving the same support that I was under the Award model?

Gienow is strongly committed to sustaining and growing our dealer market through innovative dealer programs and support systems that you’ve come accustomed to and expect from a supplier.  We are intensely focused on meeting your needs as a dealer, renovator or contractor.